Bogdan Ungureanu

UI/UX Management

Hello, I’m Bogdan – Head of UI/UX department at a Global Forex Broker. I’ve been using my creative skills and leading teams of talented designers for the past five years.

My journey in the creative industry started in 2006 as a graphic designer. Since then, I’ve worked on various products and niches, from presidential political campaigns in multiple countries to e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, websites, and huge marketing campaigns.

My dedication to my craft and problem-solving ability have been the cornerstones of my career, enabling me to achieve numerous milestones. One of my notable achievements included increasing registration numbers by 50% simply by refining a registration form – a testament to the power of good UX!

I’ve been awarded the UX Management Diploma with Best in Class distinction and have won several design contests over the years. I always aim to adhere to industry standards while being flexible to meet the unique needs of each product and team I work with. One of the most significant challenges in my latest career was building and managing a global brand from the ground up, encompassing multiple verticals. Others like this experience and the success of our latest mobile super-app have solidified my belief that good design can change how businesses evolve.

My leadership style focused on mentorship and growth. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to work with countless talented individuals. I’m proud to have added something valuable to each one, professionally or personally.